"Lider Lowbed" Inc. manufactures axle, trailer and on-vehicle equipments under “Lider Trailer” mark. It has been begun to export studies since establishing years and have been achieving export to primarily ; England, France, Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan,Iraq, Sudan, Algeria, Tunisia, Niger, Morocco Libya. "Lider Lowbed" which manufactures in 5.000 m2 covered area 5.000 m2 open area total 10.000 m2 modern plants began to manufacture for domestic market since 2006.

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What is a Trailer?

What is a Trailer? In Which Areas the Trailer is Used
The trailer benefits from being transported by towing by a tow truck. shows production variability according to the type and weight of the load to be transported. Trailers can be parked on their own.
In Which Areas the Trailer is Used
Roll On Roll Off Transportation Transportation to the RO-RO vessels by road
Direct Store Delivery A trailer is used for transporting the product or goods from the point of production to the point of consumption.
Freight Charges, Freight Rates Tolls between countries in international transport.
MODALL It is called the planning works which are used for using the road and trailer and using the vehicles
Hardtop Container Standard is used in containers that do not fit in the container and cannot be made from the container door
Hazardous Material Specially designed trailers for the transport of materials which may be dangerous or risky during transportation.
Logistics Transportation, many products are used in the transportation process to reach the international market. These trailer models vary depending on the type of product.
Loading Used for transporting and conveying the product safely.
Tanker Trailer Special trailers made for the special storage and safe transmission of liquid food products and risky products such as oil.
In this article, the information we give us about their weaving is completely for information purposes.

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Lider Trailer

Brand new Lider Trailer low bed semi trailer truck for sale The semi-trailer is located behind the center of the vehicle (when the vehicle is loaded evenly),And a trailer equipped with a connecting means for transmitting the vertical force or the horizontal force to the tractor,including semi-trailer trucks, special semi-trailer and travel semi-trailer.


Bulk Cement Trailer

lider Trailer  Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.We, lider Trailer  Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.are specialized in all kinds of semi-trailers, such as Flatbed Trailer, Low Bed Trailer,Container Trailer, Van Semi Trailer, Tank Trailer, Cargo Truck Trailer, Fence Semi Trailer, Tipping Trailer and Concrete Mixer Truck etc. We believe that we are confidence to meet your different demands...


U Type Semi Trailer

24 MT3 Dumper Trailer Technical Properties ;Chassis:                                    Produced by gas welding machines from high resistance steel ST52 meterials as *I* section in resistance calculation excessive loading has been considered with robotic welding machine.King Pin:Produced with wrough...